Don’t make these mistakes in your Relationship

Relationship mistakes

Relationship guide

When a new Relationship starts between you and her or him you have to follow some things, to make out the best from your Relationship. At the time when a relationship is new there are chances that you could make a mistake which can cost you your new relation.

When a relationship is new every a couple must follow these best working tips to maintain your relationship. Generally when you start with a new relationship at the start you both are very excited. You and your partner are very happy with the relationship. But as time passes away you may feel that you are getting bored.

So try these tips which may help you to improve the understanding between you and your partner.

Don’t compare your Relationship with Movies

Movies all are all fantasies. They are made to entertain you. The relationships shown in movies are also not real. So you can’t compare your relationship with movies. Also don’t try to copy the relationship style which movies show us. Because in real life they just don’t work. So keep a distance from movies and your relation. Don’t intermix them.

Respect your partner

Relationship Mistakes


You need to respect your partner. You and your partner are equal in your relationship. Don’t try to overpower your partner mentally or physically. Respect their thoughts. What your partner likes or dislikes you must respect it even it you don’t like it. For example if your partner likes some food or their dressing sense you much respect them. This will help to maintain your relation in long run.

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