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Hello friends ! I hope you all are enjoying your Reliance Jio 4G Services for free. But some of you or many of you are facing some problems on Jio’s network while browsing some websites. Yes friends, this is not problem with your connection only, In fact most of the Jio customers are facing this same problem. This problem occurs on both desktop and mobile devices which are using Jio.

I know it’s very irritating that all your internet is working fine and suddenly when you tries to open a website it simply says the Site Refused to connect.  or the error message will be like –

This Site can’t Be reached.

Another error message which you might see is –

This site is taking too long to Respond.

Such problems are present on Reliance Jio 4G network. The problems mostly occurs when you try to do some Online Payments or tries to Handle some sites which are strict on Session management. Like you can’t add money to Paytm wallet because of this problem or most of the time the payment gets failed in the middle.

Let me tell you one thing that such problems does not occurs because the Internet service provides Connection speed is slow, but they do occurs when your ISP DNS servers are getting to many requests of they are too busy.

This simply means that if your ISP’s DNS server is busy or poor to handle some sort of requests you will get such type of errors and you can’t access some of the webpages.

What to do now ? Here is a simple solution.

The problem may look complicated but don’t worry the solution is very easy and it actually works. Just follow the steps given below and your problem will disappear in few seconds.

Process for Desktops Based on Windows

Firstly go to Control Panel

After this go to Network and Sharing Center. This is shown in screen Shot Below.

Jio-4G-some-sites-not-working-solution | Technology Masala

Go to Change Wireless Adapter Setting.


Change Adapter Setting

Now If you are using Jio network Via WiFi than Select the WiFi Connection from all listed connections. 


Go to Properties of this connection> Double Click on Internet Protocol V4 or select it and go to it’s properties.


Click on Internet Protocol V4

Now Select use the following DNS addresses and Insert the Google DNS in this field as shown in the image.

Preferred DNS Server –

Alternate DNS server –


Enter the DNS

Now click on Ok. And your problem is solved now. Try some websites which were not working earlier. I hope the are working fine now.

If You are using Internet Via USB tethering then simply Select the Local Area connection from the Change Adapter setting Instead of WiFi Wireless Adapter. And Do follow the same process.

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